Congratulations for the 2017 China (Shenzhen)International Brand Underwear Fair!   Warm congratulations to the Zhongshan Snowman Knitting Garment RFID project on-line successfully

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  • Global-Zhiye Sewing Machine
  • High speed, High efficiency, beautiful stitch nest and even edge-cutting, sewing and edge-making can be completed wonderfully. Suitable for sewing various shirts, suits
  • Kingtex Sewing Machine
  • With hemming folder, left hand side fabric trimmer and fabric chips suction pipe, suitable for hemming operation on tubular fabric, such as cuff ...
  • ERP
  • MDM(Manufacturing Data Management) GDM(Garment Distribution Management)
  • Autormatic Cutting
  • HY-H Series: High-precision multifunctional cutting system specially developed for mass production
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